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06:30 pm eLua Services Bug #52 (Pending): Site status tables broken links
Links on some status tables of the main doc are broken
Example, at .......


03:11 pm eLua Services Bug #50 (Pending): Broken link
The link to "contact us" at the very end of the page is broken
02:56 pm eLua Services Bug #49 (Pending): Sources info update
Update on the wiki Github as the main repo (not Subversion anymore) at


09:07 pm eLua Services Refinement #43: elua-svn mailing list is not listed on
[Vagner] Did you mean Refinery editor and not Heroku. Do you?
Yes, Refinery, sorry.
[Vagner] I think that to pu...
06:29 pm eLua Services Refinement #43: elua-svn mailing list is not listed on
Is the text ok ?
How do we control paragraph spacing in Heroku's html editor ?


01:14 am eLua Services Refinement #43 (In progress): elua-svn mailing list is not listed on
Text added to
Waiting for the text and it's place on the...


01:56 pm eLua Services Bug #32 (In progress): Main search box failing
01:32 pm eLua Services Bug #2: Check broken links
Mike King tips and notes:
There's some broken links that are on Also ...
01:20 pm eLua Services Bug #32 (Done): Main search box failing
The main search feature is not working when accessed by domains outside


11:21 am eLua Services New feature #22: Delete link
Let's not do it just now, because Raul sent this link to some important potential partners and asked for a couple of ...

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